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We need the kind of forward thinking that Jeff Jones is committed to if we are going to make the vital changes needed in the 12th District. Jeff describes one of his many ideas on how we can enhance our economy and education system by using the facilities that are already here and paid for. #NoBrainer #JeffJones4Congress

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Educational Renaissance

We can build world-class schools right in our own back yards. Jeff knows it takes more than just throwing dollars at schools, and it takes more than a “so-called” raising of standards. It takes a grass-roots initiative that provides teachers with the tools they need to address their real 21st century challenges – plus real opportunities and cutting-edge character empowerment programs for students.

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Economic Revitalization

Jeff’s platform includes a strategic plan for the revitalization of multiple industries, and an implementation program that will benefit the unemployed, returning vets, senior citizen, disabled, single parent, new technologies, renewable energies, hydroponics & aeroponics, organic and GMO free production within urban areas.

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Accountability You Deserve

Accountability is something Congress has struggled with for many years. Let alone having laws about insider trading, yet a good portion of Congress and the Senate have grown amazing net worth through the facades of laws for personal profit and pork belly covers.

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Four Questions You Have to Ask Yourself

If you review the last 50 years in the 12th District…

Would you say that our municipalities are prospering?

Would you say that jobs are more plentiful or less plentiful?

Would you say that our schools are improving or declining?

Would you say that community needs have been met, or no?

The Time for Real Change is Now. Our Community is Worth It.

Jeff Jones Cares About Us… Jeff Jones has Answers.



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