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Thank you for your interest. I truly believe that we share the same concerns about our community, our state, and our nation. With the great controversies of this years election, it overshadows the need for local representation and getting congress to hear us! We have been in the communities of the 12th District, heard them, observed them, and stood for them as they experienced the loss of jobs, pensions, and benefits. The skyrocketing costs of healthcare. The decline of education. The expenses of tuition. The lack of ethical resolve. The misappropriations of our monies. The disconnect of them being Washingtonians! Here is how you can fix what is broken. Help elect Jeff Jones to the MI-CD-12. Share posts and page and website listed here. But if you could get active by sponsoring a few signs today this would really advance the cause. Sponsor a 4X8 sign for $100@ …sponsor 4 @ 2X4 sign at $60 ….sponsor 4@ yard sign at for only $20 ..or 4@ window signs for $10 make a commitment to the grassroot efforts that PAC and party politics fear the most…THE POWER OF US! www.jeffjones4congress.com for online or offline contribution connnections… let me know if we can count on you to speak louder than the corporate and PAC and organizational controls that steal your vote every election and your congressman’s time with their personal agendas. #WEBELIEVE in Community!

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