Be The Movement!

Be The Movement!

“We Believe!” is more than just a statement.  It is the beginning of a movement designed to address the real challenges in our communities.  But this movement depends on the participation of everyone in the community.  There are so many ways to participate – from volunteering, to hosting an event, to sharing a need you have so we can come together and work to meet it head on.  This is the leadership we need in the 12th District – the kind that brings us together.

Please get involved.  Fill out the form to the right and a caring volunteer will reach out to you soon. Together we’ll figure out the best way for you to participate.

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Ways to Get Involved

Host an Event

Invite Jeff to speak at your establishment or scheduled meeting.  This is the best way to spread the word and get real answers to the critical issues affecting you and those around you.


Share your expertise and join one of our 12 critical platform committees, help us get the word out in our grass-roots campaign, or help man our events.

Become a Walking Stop

The Vote Jeff Jones campaign is about getting out in the community and bringing light to real people doing great things and the real needs that aren’t getting addressed.  Request that Jeff makes a stop at your establishment or neighborhood during one of his community walks.

Share a Need

What are the critical issues and needs affecting you?  Reach out to us and share them.  Strong communities start with good communication.  That is what Jeff is committed to.

Get Empowered

Jeff knows that it takes empowered people to make the real change that we need in the 12th District.  That is why he is offering free empowerment tools to anyone who wants to access more of their potential, and overcome any of their personal challenges.  We have an empowerment specialist on staff, and we can bring our tools to your church, establishment, or event.

Do it Your Way!

You may have your own ideas about how to create a stronger community in your home town.  Let us know what your ideas are, and how you feel you can make the biggest impact in this historical campaign.



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