Meet Jeff Jones

Jeff with HorseJeff Jones is Michigan Grown with the “HEARTBEAT OF AMERICA”, bringing life and light like a Renaissance where ever he goes.

Residing in Taylor, he is married with 11 children and 9 grandchildren, with a long history of successes.

He published his first book, “NORMAL IS BROKEN”, two years ago while a candidate for the U. S. Senate, and was the host of “ETHICAL TRUTH”, an hour long weekly radio program in Detroit. He is a keynote speaker and nationally recognized for his work in financial services and coining the program called, “Life Targeting”.

He also authored, “THE KINGDOM WITHIN EDUCATIONAL SUPPORT SYSTEM”, a biblical approach to maximizing your core characteristics and greatest attributes freedoms and victories. This program has inspired many to repair relationships, excel in personal accomplishments and career, revitalize outreach projects globally, and bring stability and direction to those that are structuring a vision.

Jeff has been a top producer in sales and marketing in several industries and has positioned himself as a regional vice-president with multiple companies. Entrepreneurial and Tenacious, it is no wonder why is known as, “Mr. Blue Skies”. His keen sense of vision makes him an exceptional candidate of resolve.

Mr. Jones says, “How do you hit a target you have yet to define? Envision your destination and create a path!”

20160312_111914While as a leader in financial services, his accomplishments have been used as a training platform for many. Jeff decided to retire his ten year career in 2012, when his special needs daughter was diagnosed with leukemia. He resigned and committed time to his daughter, wife, and family through this crisis. Before his daughter’s demise, he created a foundation for the awareness of educating families of chemotherapy protocols, alternative revitalization, patient advocacies, and defining parental rights.

Prior to his successes in financial services, Jeff Jones won multiple awards in the design/build industry, while some of his work earned front cover presentations.

Mr. Jones is an Idea Man; a true renaissance with published poetry, marketing excellence, creative ingenuity, and insightful vision. He was recruited to open new offices and new markets for several companies over his career. His first business venture after leaving the University of Michigan over 30 years ago was with a small start-up company that he served as VP of Sales in a vacuum-form plastics company. He took the company to become a national retail supplier and manufacturer of automotive vanities. He has negotiated national contracts with Sears, TSA, & Union Oil, and at one point help to negotiate hundreds of contractors in an eight state arena.

Jeff’s accomplishments are long; and with over 30 years of management and award winning decisions, he is most excited to return the term “PUBLIC SERVANT” to “WE THE PEOPLE”!

Raised in the Dearborn area and living in the Downriver Communities, he has witnessed the broken dreams of the last forty plus years of many. Revival would be a keen word to represent this pastoral community servant. He says his two highest convictions are to “LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSEL” and “THE LOVE OF MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL”. For more information go to or connect on Facebook at Vote Jeff Jones.




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