The Time for Change is Now… Our Community is Worth It!

Jeff Jones Cares About Us… Jeff Jones Has Answers.

Educational Renaissance

I have a team of educators in great diversity expressing their limits and pitfalls. It is not necessarily content, it is process and purpose. We are not preparing the next generation for individual advancement. We only recall about 10% of what we hear, 20% of what we see, but 80% of what we experience, and over 90% of what we teach. Education by design has failed to draw out the greatest of an individual and financial commitments are at the disposal of misappropriations. I have developed a system of not just learning, but training, and new revenues without raising taxes, and actually relieving the government of some of its expenses. No bank would ever take a note from a seventeen year old to create a $100,000 debt without a job, unless the government is backing the enslavement. Why is it that most college graduates are not working in their field of study? Because no one is teaching basic principles, like the Rule of 72!

Economic Revitalization

We have holes and pockets of abandoned buildings from government take- over, poor accountabilities, global loss through NAFTA & TPPA, weakened unions, distressed municipalities, and imbalanced trading. I have a strategic revitalization of multiple industries, and an implementation program that will benefit the unemployed, returning vets, senior citizen, disabled, single parent, new technologies, renewable energies, hydroponics & aeroponics, organic and GMO free production within urban areas. We need to protect our unions and employees from the lies and deceptions of the last forty years and utilize my tools for thriving in a global economy by returning work back to the states.

Health Care

Options, truly affordable, prescription expenses, alternative support, naturalpathics, doctor’s visits, and urgent care. Obamacare was built on a failed platform. The government never wanted to take care of its citizenship. This administration wants access and distribution to reserve dollars. This process is so obvious and so easy to evaluate and resolve!

Immigration Reform

It is not surprising and completely understandable why the world wants to live inside our borders. America was built on the beauty and diversification of immigration. Banning and Building can create great animosities, but the greatest flaw is in informational processing, visa tracking, and an imbalance of freedoms and benefits. I think charities and free enterprise would be more efficient, and sponsorship would affect accountabilities.

Constitutional Awakening

Over the last 50 years many of our Constitutional rights have been violated, manipulated, and completely ignored and misinterpreted. Every law we create only weakens our Constitution. Many states have been disrespected, and certainly its citizenship denied due process.

Government Misappropriation

Accountability is something Congress has struggled with for many years. Let alone having laws about insider trading, yet a good portion of Congress and the Senate have grown amazing net worth through the facades of laws for personal profit and pork belly covers.

Reduction of Government

Taxation, over budgets, forced expenditures to uphold budget reductions are the minimum requirements to say we need to stop spending!

Election Reform

Wow! Where to start? Super delegates? Party politics? The sale of Senate seats? Term limits? Super PAC’s? Electoral College? The very expenditures to get involved promote a corrupted system of greed and precariousness.

Veteran Priorities

Many memorials have been built for the fallen and returning of which I am thankful. What veterans need is a transitional process coming out of combat activity. We need to bring them out of tour 6 months prior to their contract and prepare them for re-entry into family and civilian life. Talk to a Vet, they will tell you the system is broken. Job placement, PTS, benefit losses, and mercenary contracts have short changed many returning soldiers.

World Hunger

This just should not be so! While people are starving, our government is paying farmers not to farm and building mounds of rotting fresh fruits and vegetables. There are plenty of organizations that would willfully pay to process and redistribute. GMO’s are not solving the problem; they are enhancing and manipulating RNA and future health concerns of coming generations. They help to create obesity, while actually create nutrient degradation. This is becoming a global epidemic!

The Homeless

It is not possible that more Socialism will resolve this. This is the resolve of Community…”It takes a village to raise a child.”

Environmental Consciousness

From HAARP to Fracking to Shale to Water to Pollution to Deep Wells, and Chemical Trails, I have a resolve to bridge industrialization and development to forestry, farming, and educational conservation. Responsibility and accountability is primary.



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