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Educational Renaissance

I have a team of educators in great diversity expressing their limits and pitfalls. It is not necessarily content, it is process and purpose. We are not preparing the next generation for individual advancement. We only recall about 10% of what we hear, 20% of what we see, but 80% of what we experience, and over 90% of what we teach. Education by design has failed to draw out the greatest of an individual and financial commitments are at the disposal of misappropriations. I have developed a system of not just learning, but training, and new revenues without raising taxes, and actually relieving the government of some of its expenses. No bank would ever take a note from a seventeen year old to create a $100,000 debt without a job, unless the government is backing the enslavement. Why is it that most college graduates are not working in their field of study? Because no one is teaching basic principles, like the Rule of 72!

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